Mindfulness in Jersey

Be open to what comes next…

What is Mindfulness in Jersey?

There are some incredible Mindfulness practitioners on this beautiful island, offering an incredible range of services to bring some calmness back into your life.

From Meditation, to Eco-walks, Dancing, Mandala Creating, Storytelling, Healing and others, Mindfulness in Jersey will offer all attendees an incredible journey through mindfulness and the cultivation of awareness.

These retreats and festivals are to give our local community an opportunity to come and enjoy an incredible and diverse practise within a safe and comfortable environment.

Mindfulness is for everyone, and as best as we can we will create a space for people of all ages, shapes and sizes.

Our Philosophy

Mindfulness teaches us an openness to life… within this openness we can co-create compassion and love for all people. Building 1 by 1 an army of compassion that becomes unstoppable.

Who are the Mindfulness Practitioners behind the Retreats/Events/Festivals?

Our Offering

Our investment into this amazing practise is for 1 key purpose, that through our understanding we are inspired to share it with you…

Mindfulness Meditations offer a passive, softer approach to exploration of body & mind. Taken directly from insight meditations, they allow you to take a more compassionate approach to life.

Through moment by moment attention to the body and the breath, we explore our sensations, feelings, memories and imaginings. Embrace your unique qualities, allowing them to inspire the dance.

We journey through art forms such as art, clay, voice work, music, movement, body work, placing figurines and mask play. By engaging with the arts we step into the unknown and place of potential through self exploration.

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Mindfulness is simply awarenessing. Awarenessing of you, how you are, where you are and what you are doing. An openness to each moment to moment reaction. It cultivates, Self Acceptance, Self Awareness and Self Compassion.

By changing the way we communicate, we change the way we respnd. As Stephen Covey says, “we listen to reply, not to understand”. Mindful Communication, gives us the space to understand before we reply.

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