Hello, I’m Dan Ireland

Dan is an accredited Mindfulness/Meditation teacher, Psychotherapist and Tibetan Buddhist of Kagyu and Nyingma lineage, who works throughout The UK, Europe and shortly Australia. He has had the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of incredible teachers over the 8+ years he has been practising, from both Secular and Non-Secular backgrounds.

He uses some of the incredible teachings he has learned from some incredibly gifted people on the inner workings of the mind, as well as evidence based practises of Western Mindfulness (Breathworks), Human Givens and Emotional Intelligence to help bring a more rounded Mental Health experience for you.

Their teachings have offered him an insight into the wider practise, importantly how to integrate mindfulness and ultimately happiness into a life that involves being a  father to 3 children, husband and running 3 separate businesses.

His company Awareful was founded to help develop this wonderful practice for anyone that has the time and interest in understanding it. There are Mindfulness classes starting every 5 & 8 weeks as well as regular workshops, retreats, 1 to 1’s and talks.

“We meditate, not to become better at meditating, but to become better at humaning…”
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