Hello, I’m Justine Taylor

​Guiding children to find space in our busy world – with meditation, mindfulness and empowerment techniques.

Wouldn’t it be great if your child could create a space to call their own where they could step back from the demands of school, peers, homework, activities, family pressures and technology.Inner Space classes are designed to be fun, imaginative and practical so children can really engage and enjoy learning how to meditate and relax in order to feel and see the benefits working in their lives.

A qualified Relax Kids coach, mindfulness practitioner, colour therapist and numerologist I teach children and families how to meditate and relax deepening family connections, helping children to calm and centre themselves, think about themselves and their achievements in a positive light, sleep better and be able to share their feelings with confidence. I Love passing on these tools and techniques to children, parents and teachers to help calm, reassure, empower and fill your children with happiness and self confidence. These are tools for life that they will be able to use again and again, learning how to make their emotional and mental health a priority by looking after themselves from the inside out.

What Courses will Justine be holding;

Relax Kids – Mindful exercises, stretching, breathing exercises, massage, affirmations, story telling and meditations. A creative and relaxing class to help children experience the range of their energy and learn how to relax and calm themselves.

Parent & Child – Spending quality time with your child is so valuable. Learn different relaxation tools and experience relaxing meditations together. A fun and engaging class to calm, relax and empower your connection with your child.

Chill Skills – Relaxation, mindfulness, breathing and visualisation techniques to help raise confidence, self esteem and help develop great communication skills. An engaging class full of variety to inspire, reassure and calm young minds.

Mindful Masters – Relax into the calmness that is within us all, let go of stress, anxieties and worries with some relaxing meditations and mindfulness exercises. A grounding, relaxing class to help relax, inspire and uplift.

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