Hello, I’m Naomi West

Naomi West (BA,MA,UKCP) has been running retreats that offer depth process through creativity & meditation since 2012. Although she primarily runs retreats in Jersey she now runs them also in Guernsey, France and England. She is a Core Process (mindfulness based) psychotherapist with a pricate practise in Jersey, and also trained in integrative arts therapy.

She previously trained and worked in physical theatre and has been a student of Zen Buddhism since 2007. She runs fortnightly ‘Moving Mindfulness’ sessions of free therapeutic movement and introductory mindfulness courses as well as retreats and 1:1 depth psychotherapy.

What Courses will Naomi be Holding;
My Brahma Viharas event: A focus on deep relaxation and nourishment into the ‘four immeasurables’ of compassion, loving-kindness, ‘joy in the joy of others’ and equanimity. Techniques to cultivate, discover and relax into these qualities.
My talk: Naomi offers Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy in Jersey. This talk will answer your questions about what is psychotherapy, and what is mindfulness based psychotherapy in the poetic theme of ‘Lotus from the Mud’. Talk and Q and A.
Q and A session: have all your questions answered from some of the islands leading mindfulness practitioners.
Bonfire with story telling: share a fire in community, listen to stories and music, or chat an fire gaze. There may be music and stories to take part in and the chance for some astronomy if we have a clear night! Join in with the Mindfulness in Jersey community, make new friends.
Sand tray: “To see yourself in a grain of sand”. This session for adults uses creative play engaging with a sand tray and with an array of small objects and figurines as a means to explore the big picture of yourself and your life. Discover how play can provide a mirror in which you get know yourself more deeply. Naomi will share her work with integrative arts psychotherapy.
Clay: This session for adults uses creative play engaging with clay and creative writing as a means to explore the ‘undercurrents’ of yourself and your life. Naomi will share her work with integrative arts psychotherapy she offers on longer retreats.
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